Google+ Local with Zagat Integration

Local Google results now improved with Google+ and Zagat recommendations

Google+ LocalWant to find the best restaurants in the area? Google announced today the release of Google+ Local, where they’re looking to improve on their existing services by including information from Google+ and Zagat. Now, when your friends and family (people in your Google+ circles) give a +1 to a page, or provide a review on Zagat, it impacts your search results. The idea is that your friends and family share the same likes as you do and you hold their opinions in high regard.

You can find this new search as part of your Google+ account on an icon named “Local”

Google+ with Zagat

Here you get an integrated view of information about a place listed in Google.

The same type of information is also available when you look for information on Google Search and Google Maps. Google Maps for mobile is also live and iOS support on the way. The Zagat integration works in a similar fashion with a 30 point scale used for everything from Food to Decor so you can gauge the type of result you’re viewing. And, if people in your circles have any reviews or ratings, those are also highlighted.

Google Maps with Zagat

It’s clear how Google+ will become more and more powerful with roll-outs like these. Having a popular Google+ page can be huge for a company, help them create a brand, and most importantly, be used to influence search results. Our NJ Internet Marketing campaigns feature Advanced Local Listings across multiple sites and include Social Media integration to push your company to the next level.