Targeted Search With On-Page SEO

People click more on Organic search results

on-page seoAmong the NJ SEO Services we provide On-Page SEO can be very powerful. Those search results at the top of any page, you know, the ones in pink…  Those are paid results.  Anyone can pay his or her way to the top position. This occurs all the time in society, and, it happens in search engines also. You could pay Bing or Google to get good position on search pages. However, search engines also show real results according to relevancy of your search.  Also, people don’t generally trust websites that pay to appear on search result pages.  It clearly indicates it’s an ad and they’re paying to be there.  I would rather click a real link.. a link I can trust, links that appear naturally on the search result pages. If they appear on their own, it means there is a greater chance of finding the relevant content there.  That is On-Page SEO.

The search results are long-lasting

long lasting seo
Organic SEO keeps your website appearing on the search result pages for a long time because your website gives the search engines exactly what they want — relevancy. Relevancy is something you cannot achieve by “tricks” or by paying for it. You can only be relevant by having relevant content, and that means, constantly creating content that people want to see and read. As long as you stick with relevant content, other websites link back to you, and the search engines respond by keeping you on top.

Organic SEO builds trust with Google and Bing

When you constantly add relevant content to your website, it shows you care for how you present your business. Also, it shows you’re there to do business and have not just created a website. Organic content also shows deep understanding of your business.

It’s less expensive than paid listings

inexpensive SEO
Many websites compete for the same position for paid listings at the same time.  You often end up paying more and more to appear at a decent spot on the paid result pages. Take for example, the expression “web design”.  The bids on Google AdWords can often exceed  $45 per-click to compete for this search term. Even if 10 people click on the ad, the you end up paying $450. You can get 3-6 pages optimized organically for the same search terms and appear on the result page for a much longer time.  And you don’t have to pay for every single click.