Google Street View in California’s National Parks

Google does a road-trip through some iconic parks

I’m not even sure my neighborhood is mapped using Street View but I’m sure this is a better use of the technology. You’re now able to follow Google Maps through five of Californa’s historic national parks in a 360 degree panaorramic view. They’ve also updated their Street View maps of the entire state allowing you road-trip through the entire state from north to south.

Yosemite National Park, CA

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Now everyone is able to enjoy the magestic imagery these places have to offer. Of course it’s not quite like driving through but it allows you to control the experience and take the time to really look around. Its inspiring enough to make you want to visit and plan a road-trip right now. You can read more about the details of each location on the Google announcement.

Of course Google doesn’t pass up the opportunity to advertise right on the page. Notice the Ads on the sidebar? What if you wanted a hotel for the night? Type “Hotel” directly in the search box and Google will find one relative to your location using Google Local Places. Also, you will see the Zagat ratings for those hotels giving you even more information to make a decision. That means properly optimized local places is key for attracting business and integrating that with the proper social media channels is becoming equally important. Our NJ SEO Company provides Local Listing Optimization with Social Media to give our clients visibility whenever possible.

Facebook Smartphone On The Way

The Social Media Giant Announces it’s own smartphone

Facebook Smartphone On The WayReports suggest that Facebook is poised to release a smartphone sometime next year. The Internet giant just recently announced its own app center which provides apps for mobile phones on various operating systems. Also last week we saw that Google acquires Motorola Mobility. We definitely see these two Internet giants in a face-off for the mobile internet space.

There have been reports as early as 2010 that Facebook is active in developing a mobile device. Since then they’ve gone at great lengths to keep things on down-low. It’s reported that this is the third attempt at a smartphone and that “Mark is worried that if he doesn’t create a mobile phone in the near future that Facebook will simply become an app on other mobile platforms,” a Facebook employee said. Read more on this NY Times Article.

At The NJ SEO Firm we see Mobile Internet Marketing as the future of SEO. We welcome the Facebook Smartphone and hope that when it does come around we’re poised to capture the mobile community.

New Google Search App for iPhone

Google Releases a New Version of Their Mobile Search App for iPhone users

Today onward, when you use your Google Search Application, available here, users will be presented with a streamlined interface intended to provide faster results, better image search and display and a single place to access all your Google apps. For standard searches Google has improved on it’s auto-complete feature to give you better results faster.

It also provides as easy method to switch between search types like images or webpages and, by using the magnifying glass makes it easy to find text on a page. The image display makes better use of screen real estate and provides a grid-view to make finding images easy. Scroll through the grid or see one full-screen and then swipe to scroll through them.

And, last but not least, they have consolidated all their Google apps into a central location making them easy to find and use. Log-in once and you’ll be connected to all your apps. You can the full blog post on the Google site.

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