The New Bing With Social Media

Bing has released it’s updated search design today unveiling an integrated Social Media engine

New Bing with Social Media Integration

Bing’s look has been completely redesigned with a three column layout for search results. The left column contains your search results. The middle column, or “Snapshot” offers relevant results to the users search term. The column on the right, or “Sidebar” is intended to offer Social Media interaction and will show a Facebook activity feed and provide social interaction. Bing has a full release available here on their blog.


Google has just announced it’s new Search Results Page which also increases the value of social media on searches with added value for Google+ and Zagat. Obviously both companies see the increasing value of social media channels. I tried it myself and found it somewhat lacking in content from a social media perspective. However, they are likely to build on this functionality and offer increasing functionality.

NJ Social Media Marketing is becoming essential for businesses who want to build a brand and gain exposure on the internet. Traditional methods of SEO are no longer effective. The internet marketing landscaping is constantly evolving and social media is here to stay.

Facebook Smartphone On The Way

The Social Media Giant Announces it’s own smartphone

Facebook Smartphone On The WayReports suggest that Facebook is poised to release a smartphone sometime next year. The Internet giant just recently announced its own app center which provides apps for mobile phones on various operating systems. Also last week we saw that Google acquires Motorola Mobility. We definitely see these two Internet giants in a face-off for the mobile internet space.

There have been reports as early as 2010 that Facebook is active in developing a mobile device. Since then they’ve gone at great lengths to keep things on down-low. It’s reported that this is the third attempt at a smartphone and that “Mark is worried that if he doesn’t create a mobile phone in the near future that Facebook will simply become an app on other mobile platforms,” a Facebook employee said. Read more on this NY Times Article.

At The NJ SEO Firm we see Mobile Internet Marketing as the future of SEO. We welcome the Facebook Smartphone and hope that when it does come around we’re poised to capture the mobile community.

Google AdSense Creator Gil Elbaz Sells Data to Businesses and Governments

His new company, Factual, sells location data and will be introducing a mobile-targeted product.

responsive search marketingGil Elbaz, the founder of Factual, a data aggregation company, says that Google can’t be considered an “honest” data source because it sells its services to consumers. Elbaz founded and later sold a company named Applied Semantics which was acquired by Google in 2003 and was branded AdSense. Read this really interesting article on The Wall Street Journal blog.

Factual doesn’t sell the the data to consumers at all. Instead it caters to companies and governments like Facebook, AT&T and CitySearch to parse and extract valuable location data. For example, Facebook used Factual data for its Places Local Deals service two years ago. They sit on a tremendous amount of data which continues to grow at a massive pace.

Reports indicate we should see an announcement of a new products being offered by Factual as early as tomorrow. Its new service will offer location and mobile ad-targeting tools that provide data on the type and density of businesses near a given location, as well as demographic info on age, gender, race, and median household income for locations. The idea is to provide some contextual punch to a world where technology and its users are becoming increasingly mobile, Elbaz said.

Responsive Search Marketing is quickly becoming necessary in our modern age of SEM. As companies like this continue to data-farm and gather information about our whereabouts it offers a huge opportunity for businesses to gain valuable market information. This guy seems like he has some sincere philanthropic views. Of course, there are some concerns about huge data farms creating a monopoly of data and then controlling prices, etc…

Facebook Announces Its Social App Center

Get ready for the Facebook App Center

Social Media Marketing with FacebookFacebook officially announced the launching of it’s new App Center, a place for people to find social apps. It gives developers an additional method to create new apps and additional opportunities for existing ones.  They’re going to be rolling out this release in the coming weeks and informed developers to being preparing today if they want their app included at launch time.

With over 900 million users, Facebook hopes to be a central place for mobile apps like Draw Something and Pinterest.

Facebook continues to be focus of NJ Social Media Marketing campaigns. With it’s dominance in the social media realm its no wonder why. More and more brands are creating conversations with their customers on Facebook and other social media locations.