The New Bing With Social Media

Bing has released it’s updated search design today unveiling an integrated Social Media engine

New Bing with Social Media Integration

Bing’s look has been completely redesigned with a three column layout for search results. The left column contains your search results. The middle column, or “Snapshot” offers relevant results to the users search term. The column on the right, or “Sidebar” is intended to offer Social Media interaction and will show a Facebook activity feed and provide social interaction. Bing has a full release available here on their blog.


Google has just announced it’s new Search Results Page which also increases the value of social media on searches with added value for Google+ and Zagat. Obviously both companies see the increasing value of social media channels. I tried it myself and found it somewhat lacking in content from a social media perspective. However, they are likely to build on this functionality and offer increasing functionality.

NJ Social Media Marketing is becoming essential for businesses who want to build a brand and gain exposure on the internet. Traditional methods of SEO are no longer effective. The internet marketing landscaping is constantly evolving and social media is here to stay.