Why Genesis?

The Genesis Framework Saves Time & Expense

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While a lot of web designers promote custom websites “built from scratch,” we take a different approach. Hundreds of web developers have spent thousands of hours building, refining and supporting website frameworks. Why not take advantage of all this hard work? While there are plenty of websites that require more development than a framework can provide, I would venture to say that 90% of websites being built today could cut development time and dollars by using a framework.

Why is Genesis the best framework for WordPress?

Genesis Framework Community

Huge Community

One of the reasons we have embraced WordPress as our development platform of choice is because of its huge community of developers, designers and bloggers. The Genesis WordPress framework is a thriving niche within the larger WordPress community.

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Genesis Development

– The official Genesis WordPress resource site has a growing library of tutorials, reference documents and showcase of sites developed using the framework. Building with the Genesis Framework gives us an incredible head-start on deploying websites. Built in layout options, powerful custom widgets and beautifully marked-up code means that we can deploy a website in nearly half the time it would take us to create it from scratch. In turn, this also reduces the cost of projects using the framework.

Constant Upgrades

The Genesis Framework has already undergone several upgrades since it was introduced. As WordPress continues to add new features, Genesis has grown and evolved with it. Because of the child/parent theme structure that the framework is built on, upgrades to the Genesis will never break your site.

Easily Understood

Unlike custom coded websites, other developers can easily pick up where we leave off with Genesis. This means that if you were ever to switch web development companies, a new developer that is familiar with Genesis could jump right into the code and easily make updates without a long (and costly) learning-curve.

Built-in Features

Out-of-the-box Genesis comes with powerful SEO options, advanced custom widgets, state-of-the-art security and a a lot of other features. This means that Genesis will be able to make almost any website function you want happen.