Why WordPress?

WordPress is the best choice for small businesses

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to use WordPress:


Availability of plugins

– a plugin is a package of code that someone has written to accomplish a specific task. For example, Akismet is a plugin which makes sure that WordPress doesn’t get completely spammed by wayward spammers. Some more fun examples of things that plugins can do are embedding Flickr streams, put one of those neat sliding images that you see on websites these days, make your events calendar look and work better than the default one. Plugins are available freely and most of the time don’t cost anything or much. If you want to find a plugin to accomplish your goal, just Google this formula “‘insert your problem here’ WordPress Plugin (Free)”
MPD Designer

Designer Availability

– the design community loves WordPress and you can be sure that there’s already a theme out there that already fits what you’ve got in mind. That can save you a whole bunch of money.


Community Support

– There’s an impressive list of people who are using WordPress already. They include: Playstation, Smashing Magazine, The Who, Tom Jones, Pac-Man and many more. If those guys are using WordPress, they must all agree on something.

wp support

Awesome Support

– If you ever get stuck, you’re never alone. There has never been a time in all the years I have used WordPress that I haven’t found the answer to a question by Googling the problem. The WordPress.org support forums are incredible places to find answers to questions with a very dedicated community who love to help.