Best SEO Company in the World?

Is there such a thing? With the quickly changing SEO landscape it’s very difficult to stay on top. How do you judge what the “best” really means for Search Engines? How would you judge the best SEO Company in the world?

SEO Results

The results an optimization team can provide is always a great metric to demonstrate the acumen of an SEO approach. Google constantly changes their search engine algorithm (how they figure out who #1 should be) and SEO specialists are always in a perpetual state of catch-up.

Being the best SEO Company in the world certainly means being able to adapt to these changes. Unique and creative content has always been considered to be the backbone of great search results. While this is true, creating great content alone is not enough to flourish in this extremely competitive online marketplace. The right combination of optimization, great content, and successful off-site tactics are necessary.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment or ROI is usually a good measure of how profitable a SEO campaign has been. Of course the age of a campaign is a tremendous factor in the overall return a customer will see. And, since many customers want an affordable package, their return can often be limited.

The best can often mean how much money you’ve made for your clients but there is more value to SEO than just immediate return. The long term benefit of being on top of the search engines is amazing. Not only does it create a respectable brand image but it also draws customers to your site via search over many years.

How do you find the Best SEO Company in the “World”?

Search For One! Put your money where your mouth is! Fortunately for you there is no shortages of SEO companies. You can look for the “best” SEO specialists and literally browse for several days until, in many cases, you feel like an expert yourself! However, if you want to rate a search engine company based on their own ranks you might need some training to judge which phrases are actually the most competitive.

So What Should I Do?

Many small business owners will often do some level of SEO on their own, many successfully. Most, however, realize how complex, time-consuming, and often confusing it can be to start much less maintain a good campaign.

If possible, find a local SEO firm that you can deal with face-to-face at least once if not more. Word of mouth is always a great way to find a reputable company. Of course doing some searching is also recommended. If you like in New Jersey, for example, you might search something like “new jersey SEO company” or “NJ SEO”. Also, find a company who can tout some success in your given vertical. For example, if you’re a law firm make sure your SEO company has some experience with lawyer and attorney web marketing before moving forward. You can also check their web design experience if you’re interested in a new site or a redesign of your existing.

You should also interview several companies before making a decision. You can learn more about them and their team before making any commitments.

Best SEO Company in the World