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Attorney SEO ServicesCastronovo & McKinney, LLC opened a NYC law office and needed quality SEO services for the new office and new website. They are NYC Employment Lawyers that specialize in discrimination and harassment lawsuits. They also handle the negotiation of severance agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements and all other contracts. We’re working on several fronts to create a powerful SEO Campaign. Check out their website here. There are several components we want to cover including:

Local Listing Optimization. As more and more people type simple phrases like “harassment lawyer” without a geographic location like “nyc harassment lawyer” local listings are going to become more and more meaningful.

Social Signals. Including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ we’re creating a web presence that not only captures attention but lends credibility to the site and it’s authors.

Content. We’ve started updating and creating content both on-site and off-site. The site’s blog has begun with some posts that will gain natural attention and links by means of good unique content. In addition we are looking at high quality article links for authority sites.

Video. We’re in the design process of creating video for various places on the site including the home page, blog posts and, eventually, video testimonials.

Stay tuned for updates from our Attorney SEO company.