Protect Your Marketing Budget

A Successful Marketing Campaign consists of more than just a single-minded approach

The search engine optimization industry has become commoditized. The market is flooded with “SEO professionals” that offer the same set of services such as Keyword Research, Link Building, Article Writing, and not much else. There is a systemic inefficiency occurring in the SEO community coming at the expense of business owners.

A profitable website encompasses numerous factors beyond Keyword Research, Link Building, and Content Development. When done properly, all of these services are essential to a successful online marketing campaign. Unfortunately, a majority of SEOs base their knowledge and business models on outdated, misunderstood ideology.

For example, an exploited and overvalued component of SEO is link building. Link building is instrumental in a comprehensive online marketing campaign, but not the keystone to success many SEOs think and claim. Links are susceptible to many factors, but they do serve as a functional portion of a well balanced marketing strategy. Here are few examples of link weakness:

  • Improper use of links can result in a website being penalized by the major search engines
  • Sites built on a faulty link structure can impede search engine bots from crawling or even indexing pages
  • Algorithmic changes by Google that downgrade valuable links could cause long-term damage to page rank

A strategy built with an over reliance on link building is ripe for failure. Far too many search engine optimization providers place the foundation of their clients’ websites on the shoulders of link building. Put simply, it is irresponsible. Technically sound SEO begins with a site’s infrastructure. Before article writing, before keyword research, even before the basic content is decided upon, a website must be designed to universally perform. A streamlined architecture allows search engine robots to easily crawl and index your site. SEO techniques are futile without proper indexing.

Business owners must educate themselves on how to reach their website referral goals without wasting their marketing budget. Consult with many internet marketing firms to determine what services best fit your company’s objectives.