Google Street View in California’s National Parks

Google does a road-trip through some iconic parks

I’m not even sure my neighborhood is mapped using Street View but I’m sure this is a better use of the technology. You’re now able to follow Google Maps through five of Californa’s historic national parks in a 360 degree panaorramic view. They’ve also updated their Street View maps of the entire state allowing you road-trip through the entire state from north to south.

Yosemite National Park, CA

View Larger Map

Now everyone is able to enjoy the magestic imagery these places have to offer. Of course it’s not quite like driving through but it allows you to control the experience and take the time to really look around. Its inspiring enough to make you want to visit and plan a road-trip right now. You can read more about the details of each location on the Google announcement.

Of course Google doesn’t pass up the opportunity to advertise right on the page. Notice the Ads on the sidebar? What if you wanted a hotel for the night? Type “Hotel” directly in the search box and Google will find one relative to your location using Google Local Places. Also, you will see the Zagat ratings for those hotels giving you even more information to make a decision. That means properly optimized local places is key for attracting business and integrating that with the proper social media channels is becoming equally important. Our NJ SEO Company provides Local Listing Optimization with Social Media to give our clients visibility whenever possible.

Google +1 Recommendations Go Live

Google Announces New Google+ Features

Google has been busy working on extending their Google+ features. This latest initiative is intended to provide users a richer experience by showing additional content on a particular site that friends have recommended. These changes are being rolled out today so expect to see them anywhere you see a +1 badge. You can read the announcement on the Google Developers Blog.

Google+ Recommendations Go Live

If you have a Google badge on your site, that’s all you need to do. All recommendations will refer to the same domain or subdomain so the results will always be relevant. These recommendations will work across all +1 buttons for all users, whether or not they’re signed into Google+.

Google+ is huge for NJ SEO. Being able to draw visitors to your site via recommendations can be a monumental boost to traffic. And, this feature works even if you’re not logged in.

Google Power Searcher Training

Become a Google power searcher

Think you know how to search with Google? Did you know you could search only a certain site for specific information using “ google”. Or maybe you want to check the status of a flight? You can enter the flight directly into google, like “delta flight 187” for updated travel information. There are a myriad of tools Google provides via regular and advanced searches that can help find what you’re looking for faster and easier.

Google Power Searcher Training

Registration is Open

Google announced today registration for Power Searching with Google, a free on-line course designed to showcase these search techniques and how you can use them to your advantage. It’s a series of six 50 minute classes that will cover a broad range of subjects related to finding information on the Internet. Classes begin on July 10, 2012 and will run for two weeks at which you can take them at your own leisure. It leverages MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) a format by Stanford and MIT blended with Google’s own tools to provide a unique learning environment.

Visit the course page if you want to know more. When you’ve completed this course you will be finding information in no time! Of course don’t forget that people could be using this information to help better find your products and services. Learn more from a leading SEO Company.

Google Hot Searches with Rich Snippets

Google Hot Searches: Find what people are searching for on the Web

Most people search for what they want or need but if you’re curious to see what is hot at the moment and trending you can now turn to Hot Searches from Google Trends. Hot Searches provides a quick glance at popular stories and articles from around the web. It’s a great way to see what topics and events have just happened even before major news sites begin covering topics.

Hot searches has gotten a facelift and now features the use of rich snippet data to provide users with images and related information about a link. So you can get a feel for what the topic is and why its trending. Want to know whats hot? Check it out. You can also read the full announcement on the Google Blog.


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Google+ Local with Zagat Integration

Local Google results now improved with Google+ and Zagat recommendations

Google+ LocalWant to find the best restaurants in the area? Google announced today the release of Google+ Local, where they’re looking to improve on their existing services by including information from Google+ and Zagat. Now, when your friends and family (people in your Google+ circles) give a +1 to a page, or provide a review on Zagat, it impacts your search results. The idea is that your friends and family share the same likes as you do and you hold their opinions in high regard.

You can find this new search as part of your Google+ account on an icon named “Local”

Google+ with Zagat

Here you get an integrated view of information about a place listed in Google.

The same type of information is also available when you look for information on Google Search and Google Maps. Google Maps for mobile is also live and iOS support on the way. The Zagat integration works in a similar fashion with a 30 point scale used for everything from Food to Decor so you can gauge the type of result you’re viewing. And, if people in your circles have any reviews or ratings, those are also highlighted.

Google Maps with Zagat

It’s clear how Google+ will become more and more powerful with roll-outs like these. Having a popular Google+ page can be huge for a company, help them create a brand, and most importantly, be used to influence search results. Our NJ Internet Marketing campaigns feature Advanced Local Listings across multiple sites and include Social Media integration to push your company to the next level.

Google Fights Scams

Google reveals some data about their fight against scam ads

Google Fights Scam

Found this article on the Google blog that talks about their fight against spam-ads on Google and AdSense pages. Google has built technology to help identify, review and remove advertisers who attempt to trick customers with misleading claims, promote malware or to spam. Here is a look at some data which demonstrates the massive scale of these efforts. Apparently Google puts a lot of effort into this initiative.

They also said that it’s a few scammers that manage to create the majority of these negative ads with users creating new accounts as fast as Google can identify and remove them. In turn Google increases it’s efforts and so the arms race continues. Google claims they continue to make ground against these people demonstrated by the existing quality of their advertising.

Google's Fight Againt Bad Ads


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New Google Search App for iPhone

Google Releases a New Version of Their Mobile Search App for iPhone users

Today onward, when you use your Google Search Application, available here, users will be presented with a streamlined interface intended to provide faster results, better image search and display and a single place to access all your Google apps. For standard searches Google has improved on it’s auto-complete feature to give you better results faster.

It also provides as easy method to switch between search types like images or webpages and, by using the magnifying glass makes it easy to find text on a page. The image display makes better use of screen real estate and provides a grid-view to make finding images easy. Scroll through the grid or see one full-screen and then swipe to scroll through them.

And, last but not least, they have consolidated all their Google apps into a central location making them easy to find and use. Log-in once and you’ll be connected to all your apps. You can the full blog post on the Google site.

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Google Purchases Motorola Mobility

Google’s $12.5 Billion dollar purchase of US phone maker Motorola Mobility is complete

Google announced today that it’s Motorola acquisition is complete. mobile-internet-marketingChinese authorities will require Google to keep it’s Android operating system free for other devices for five years. This is Google’s largest acquisition to date and this purchase gives Google access to more than 17,000 of Motorola’s valuable patents.

Mobile computing is at all all-time high and this trend is only going to increase. Mobile phones have changed our lifestyles in a big way. Some of our younger generation may never have the need for a conventional desktop computer at all. As a leading NJ Internet Marketing company we create and maintain only responsive mobile-ready web design and marketing strategies.

Google Research Shows Global Smartphone Growth

Google releases data from their Mobile Planet Initiative showing clear signs of global smartphone growth

google mobile research dataIn October of last year Google launched Our Mobile Planet, allowing people to see the ways that smartphones are changing the way people connect and use their smartphone.

Yesterday, they released their 2012 research data to the public via this blog post and the data conclusively states that rapidly growing smartphone use is a global trend. Australia, U.K., Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates each have more than half of their population on smartphones. Seven others, the U.S., New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland—now have greater than 40 percent smartphones.

You can learn about mobile-specific usage trends, use this tool to create custom visualizations of data and more.

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Google Introduces The Knowledge Graph

Google announces added intelligence to their search algorithm aimed at targeting things and locations better in their searches

google announces knowledge graphIn the past, searches for things like “The Statue of Liberty” have been interpreted as a string. Since we know exactly what this phrase means we can now expect Google to give added meaning to the monument and not evaluate the phrase as simply a string of words.

Google’s Knowledge Graph lets you to search for virtually any location, thing or place that Google knows about—monuments, people, cities, teams, mountain ranges, movies, even stars in the sky and then provide the most relevant search results possible. You should definitely check out the entire article and see some of the amazing features that were added. They have also targeted mobile users specifically as the global search market continues to trend in that direction.

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