Google Fights Scams

Google reveals some data about their fight against scam ads Found this article on the Google blog that talks about their fight against spam-ads on Google and AdSense pages. Google has built technology to help identify, review and remove advertisers who attempt to trick customers with misleading claims, promote malware or to spam. Here is [...]

Google Research Shows Global Smartphone Growth

Google releases data from their Mobile Planet Initiative showing clear signs of global smartphone growth In October of last year Google launched Our Mobile Planet, allowing people to see the ways that smartphones are changing the way people connect and use their smartphone. Yesterday, they released their 2012 research data to the public via this [...]

Google Introduces The Knowledge Graph

Google announces added intelligence to their search algorithm aimed at targeting things and locations better in their searches In the past, searches for things like “The Statue of Liberty” have been interpreted as a string. Since we know exactly what this phrase means we can now expect Google to give added meaning to the monument [...]

Google AdSense Creator Gil Elbaz Sells Data to Businesses and Governments

His new company, Factual, sells location data and will be introducing a mobile-targeted product. Gil Elbaz, the founder of Factual, a data aggregation company, says that Google can't be considered an "honest" data source because it sells its services to consumers. Elbaz founded and later sold a company named Applied Semantics which was acquired by [...]

Facebook Announces Its Social App Center

Get ready for the Facebook App Center Facebook officially announced the launching of it's new App Center, a place for people to find social apps. It gives developers an additional method to create new apps and additional opportunities for existing ones.  They're going to be rolling out this release in the coming weeks and informed [...]

Google Search Results Protected by The First Amendment?

Google report likens search results to opinion protected by the First Amendment Apparently, according to Eugene Volokh, a First Amendment scholar, search engine results are akin to an opinion. Google is trying to make a point against government intervention. Should Google's search engine be protected by Free Speech? A report by Eugene Volokh, a UCLA [...]

Google Announces Search Engine Changes in April

Google releases a list of 52 changes to its search engine algorithm this month. Google announced a list of 53 changes to its search engine algorithm this month. That's a huge amount of change in a single month that has SEO specialists and webmaster scrambling to catch up. These changes are part of both the [...]

Google Atmosphere on Tour 2012

How can you use the power of the web to help your business thrive? Businesses have historically focused on personal productivity and streamlining operations which can stifle innovation and collaboration. Cloud computing and the shift to a social, mobile working style has changed everything, including how we think about working together within and outside [...]