New Google Search App for iPhone

Google Releases a New Version of Their Mobile Search App for iPhone users

Today onward, when you use your Google Search Application, available here, users will be presented with a streamlined interface intended to provide faster results, better image search and display and a single place to access all your Google apps. For standard searches Google has improved on it’s auto-complete feature to give you better results faster.

It also provides as easy method to switch between search types like images or webpages and, by using the magnifying glass makes it easy to find text on a page. The image display makes better use of screen real estate and provides a grid-view to make finding images easy. Scroll through the grid or see one full-screen and then swipe to scroll through them.

And, last but not least, they have consolidated all their Google apps into a central location making them easy to find and use. Log-in once and you’ll be connected to all your apps. You can the full blog post on the Google site.

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Google Purchases Motorola Mobility

Google’s $12.5 Billion dollar purchase of US phone maker Motorola Mobility is complete

Google announced today that it’s Motorola acquisition is complete. mobile-internet-marketingChinese authorities will require Google to keep it’s Android operating system free for other devices for five years. This is Google’s largest acquisition to date and this purchase gives Google access to more than 17,000 of Motorola’s valuable patents.

Mobile computing is at all all-time high and this trend is only going to increase. Mobile phones have changed our lifestyles in a big way. Some of our younger generation may never have the need for a conventional desktop computer at all. As a leading NJ Internet Marketing company we create and maintain only responsive mobile-ready web design and marketing strategies.

Google Research Shows Global Smartphone Growth

Google releases data from their Mobile Planet Initiative showing clear signs of global smartphone growth

google mobile research dataIn October of last year Google launched Our Mobile Planet, allowing people to see the ways that smartphones are changing the way people connect and use their smartphone.

Yesterday, they released their 2012 research data to the public via this blog post and the data conclusively states that rapidly growing smartphone use is a global trend. Australia, U.K., Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates each have more than half of their population on smartphones. Seven others, the U.S., New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland—now have greater than 40 percent smartphones.

You can learn about mobile-specific usage trends, use this tool to create custom visualizations of data and more.

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Google Introduces The Knowledge Graph

Google announces added intelligence to their search algorithm aimed at targeting things and locations better in their searches

google announces knowledge graphIn the past, searches for things like “The Statue of Liberty” have been interpreted as a string. Since we know exactly what this phrase means we can now expect Google to give added meaning to the monument and not evaluate the phrase as simply a string of words.

Google’s Knowledge Graph lets you to search for virtually any location, thing or place that Google knows about—monuments, people, cities, teams, mountain ranges, movies, even stars in the sky and then provide the most relevant search results possible. You should definitely check out the entire article and see some of the amazing features that were added. They have also targeted mobile users specifically as the global search market continues to trend in that direction.

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Google AdSense Creator Gil Elbaz Sells Data to Businesses and Governments

His new company, Factual, sells location data and will be introducing a mobile-targeted product.

responsive search marketingGil Elbaz, the founder of Factual, a data aggregation company, says that Google can’t be considered an “honest” data source because it sells its services to consumers. Elbaz founded and later sold a company named Applied Semantics which was acquired by Google in 2003 and was branded AdSense. Read this really interesting article on The Wall Street Journal blog.

Factual doesn’t sell the the data to consumers at all. Instead it caters to companies and governments like Facebook, AT&T and CitySearch to parse and extract valuable location data. For example, Facebook used Factual data for its Places Local Deals service two years ago. They sit on a tremendous amount of data which continues to grow at a massive pace.

Reports indicate we should see an announcement of a new products being offered by Factual as early as tomorrow. Its new service will offer location and mobile ad-targeting tools that provide data on the type and density of businesses near a given location, as well as demographic info on age, gender, race, and median household income for locations. The idea is to provide some contextual punch to a world where technology and its users are becoming increasingly mobile, Elbaz said.

Responsive Search Marketing is quickly becoming necessary in our modern age of SEM. As companies like this continue to data-farm and gather information about our whereabouts it offers a huge opportunity for businesses to gain valuable market information. This guy seems like he has some sincere philanthropic views. Of course, there are some concerns about huge data farms creating a monopoly of data and then controlling prices, etc…

Facebook Announces Its Social App Center

Get ready for the Facebook App Center

Social Media Marketing with FacebookFacebook officially announced the launching of it’s new App Center, a place for people to find social apps. It gives developers an additional method to create new apps and additional opportunities for existing ones.  They’re going to be rolling out this release in the coming weeks and informed developers to being preparing today if they want their app included at launch time.

With over 900 million users, Facebook hopes to be a central place for mobile apps like Draw Something and Pinterest.

Facebook continues to be focus of NJ Social Media Marketing campaigns. With it’s dominance in the social media realm its no wonder why. More and more brands are creating conversations with their customers on Facebook and other social media locations.

Google Search Results Protected by The First Amendment?

Google report likens search results to opinion protected by the First Amendment


Apparently, according to Eugene Volokh, a First Amendment scholar, search engine results are akin to an opinion. Google is trying to make a point against government intervention.

Should Google’s search engine be protected by Free Speech?

A report by Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor, yes. “Google, Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo! Search and other search engine companies are rightly seen as media enterprises, much as the New York Times Company or CNN are media enterprises,” says Volokh. By likening search results to Google’s “opinion” they hope to protect themselves under the First Amendment according to news site PaidContent

“Google, Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo Search and other search engine companies are rightly seen as media enterprises, much as the New York Times Company or CNN are media enterprises,” Volokh said in the report. But, does that mean Google has the rights to exclude certain sites, particularly anything competitive? That’s the big question here. It would seem like Google has filed this report in anticipation of some legal event or initiative.

Recently, Google has come under fire for allegedly rigging search results and also is under some anti-trust heat. It would follow that this report is intended to provide some added ammunition for further legal trouble.

Google Announces Search Engine Changes in April

Google releases a list of 52 changes to its search engine algorithm this month.

google algorithm changes for april 2012Google announced a list of 53 changes to its search engine algorithm this month. That’s a huge amount of change in a single month that has SEO specialists and webmaster scrambling to catch up. These changes are part of both the Panda and Penguin updates Google has unleashed on the Internet community which are aimed at high-quality results.

The list is pretty comprehensive but from a cursory review here are some highlights:

Here are some changes aimed at “better” search results:

More domain diversity. [launch codename “Horde”, project codename “Domain Crowding”] Sometimes search returns too many results from the same domain. This change helps surface content from a more diverse set of domains.

Improvements to how search terms are scored in ranking. [launch codename “Bi02sw41”] One of the most fundamental signals used in search is whether and how your search terms appear on the pages you’re searching. This change improves the way those terms are scored.

No freshness boost for low-quality content. [launch codename “NoRot”, project codename “Freshness”] We have modified a classifier we use to promote fresh content to exclude fresh content identified as particularly low-quality.

Reducing results from the same domain, changing the way search terms are ranked and reducing low quality content are three obvious initiatives based on these changes.

Here are some changes that look especially interesting that deal with way Google deals with results:

Better query interpretation. This launch helps us better interpret the likely intention of your search query as suggested by your last few searches.
News universal results serving improvements. [launch codename “inhale”] This change streamlines the serving of news results on Google by shifting to a more unified system architecture.

UI improvements for breaking news topics. [launch codename “Smoothie”, project codename “Smoothie”] We’ve improved the user interface for news results when you’re searching for a breaking news topic. You’ll often see a large image thumbnail alongside two fresh news results.

More comprehensive predictions for local queries. [project codename “Autocomplete”] This change improves the comprehensiveness of autocomplete predictions by expanding coverage for long-tail U.S. local search queries such as addresses or small businesses.

So your previous searches influence your following ones. In addition, autocomplete has been improved to provide additional details. Google is also giving massive relevance to news related articles with these changes and blogs and news sites seem to have gained ground in the SERPs.

There were also a bunch of updates aimed at internationalization:

More language-relevant navigational results. [launch codename “Raquel”] For navigational searches when the user types in a web address, such as [], we generally try to rank that web address at the top. However, this isn’t always the best answer. For example, is a Dutch page, but many users are actually searching in Portuguese and are looking for the Brazilian email service, This change takes into account language to help return the most relevant navigational results.

Country identification for webpages. [launch codename “sudoku”] Location is an important signal we use to surface content more relevant to a particular country. For a while we’ve had systems designed to detect when a website, subdomain, or directory is relevant to a set of countries. This change extends the granularity of those systems to the page level for sites that host user generated content, meaning that some pages on a particular site can be considered relevant to France, while others might be considered relevant to Spain.

Items like these are also prevalent in these changes as Google looks to improve the way it handles international queries.

There is quite of but of information here to look at and understand. I urge your to comment on the article and let us know what’s important to you or anything you find interesting and want to know more about.

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Google Atmosphere on Tour 2012

How can you use the power of the web to help your business thrive?

Businesses have historically focused on personal productivity and streamlining operations which can stifle innovation and collaboration. Cloud computing and the shift to a social, mobile working style has changed everything, including how we think about working together within and outside our own companies.

Google Atmosphere creates an environment for business leaders to explore these new ways of working through a combination of:

  • Industry experts discussing emerging business models
  • Customers sharing stories of how they are transforming their business
  • Our product experts unveiling new products
  • Our executives answering your questions

Please join us as we debate, discuss and rethink the way we do business and the way we work together on the web.  Read more on their website and Register now!

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Foursquare ups their local search engine services with a Virtual Time Machine

Foursquare Adds Another Search Feature: Check-In History

Aimed at providing a richer user experience, Foursquare is once gain gaining momentum in the social media marketing landscape. Want to remember all the places you went last month? Or last year? With a fully-searchable history page, you can easily jump to all your past check-ins from any month or year, filter them by who you were with, what type of place you were at, or which neighborhood, city, or country you were in. They show you your check-in photos, comments, and even which friends were there.

They will also continue to add new features such as filtering by venue, and adding tips or creating lists right from this history page. Check it Out!

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