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Catering Search Engine Optimization

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How can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help a catering business?
Being on the first page for popular searches is hugely important for driving leads. Organic results means quality leads. Quality leads means great conversion! Properly marketing a business Online is no simple task. With two search engines that are constantly evolving, it’s more difficult than ever to properly promote your catering business with SEO. Add in social media, video, blogs, press-releases and more customer soon realize finding a great SEO company that knows small business like catering is well worth the investment.

Case Study:
Simply Delicious

With a already great business, Simply Delicious Catering in Secaucus, NJ reached out to us to discuss marketing. They work predominately with corporate customers for all types of meals as a Jersey City Catering company. They needed a website developed on a modern CMS framework and a general update on their existing layout and design so when customers visited the site they would like what they saw. They had some preexisting problems due to Google’s Penguin update that had completely removed them from the Online catering search results.

We decided to take on the challenge with their existing domain and attempt to reconcile the problem with Google. We were successful in getting the site re-listed with the Google search engine. We had to reach out to multiple webmasters to remove or edit links. Google also added the ability to disavow links which assisted greatly in our efforts.

Once rectified we launched a new site complete with video, gallery photos, full catering menus, promotions, a blog and more. We started building a campaign centered around their location to get attention from people searching for geography related terms like Newark catering, Meadowlands catering, etc…

A few months later and things are progressing well. We’re looking at New Jersey terms now and are watching great content creation get rewarded by the search engines. Here are some of our results:

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Position
North Jersey Catering Bing 1 1
New Jersey Corporate Catering Bing 1 1
Hackensack Catering Google 1 1
Secaucus Catering Google 1 1
Clifton Catering Google 1 1
Newark Catering Google 1 4
Hoboken Catering Google 1 3
Meadowlands Catering Google 1 1
Jersey City Caterers Bing 1 2

The key to great SEO for catering is a constant process of monitoring the results of efforts and changing based on the reaction of your search placement. Of course you can’t get any ranks without great content. Content is fundamental to any SEO project and we know and do it well.

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