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Elite Custom Decks is located in Morris Plains, NJ. They perform virtually any outdoor construction need but specialize in Decks, Fences and Pergolas. They had no existing Contractor SEO web presence and were relying on referrals alone. It wasn’t working to the extent they had hoped and they came to us for help. We crafted a small business package that suited their needs which consisted of:

-Web Design and Creation.
-Google friendly content creation including a YouTube video showcasing their work.
-Start a news blog with relevant content that promotes the site.
-Social Media Marketing including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and more.
-Advanced Local Listings.

We started by looking for an appropriate domain name. Since Morristown is the largest town in the area and the domain was available we decided on This would ensure we could get a leg-up on the Contractor SEO competition by virtue of the domain name. Working with the owner we came up with a design they liked that had a strong SEO architecture. Since its inception we’ve created a pretty comprehensive site that is still growing. Once we dominated the Morristown and surrounding towns we moved on to “Morris County Decks” and now “NJ Decks” and continue to dominate the competition!

Our local SEO is so powerful that “Morristown Decks” is returning a “Morris Plains” local result.

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Position
NJ Decks Google 1 4
Morris County Deck Builder Google 1 1
Morristown Decks Google 1 1,2,3,4
Morristown Deck Builder Google 1 1,2,3
Mendham Deck Builder Google 1 1
Chatham Deck Builder Google 1 1
Parsippany Deck Builder Google 1 1
Florham Park Deck Builder Google 1 1
Morris Plains Deck Builder Google 1 1
Chester Deck Builder Google 1 2
Denville Deck Builder Google 1 2
Rockaway Deck Builder Google 1 1
Randolph Deck Builder Google 1 1

We continue to grow the number of local towns we search for month by month as we create new content. Our goal is to rank for them all! Contact us today to learn more about how we can drive YOU to the top of local search results.