Does SEO Work For Moving Companies?

Is Moving a Competitive Term?

Actually, “movers” is one of the more competitive terms around!

SEO for Moving Companies
If you do some searching on the Google Keyword Tool you can find what the average Cost Per Click (CPC) is for any term or phrase. In fact, you can choose a phrase or word – in this case “Mover” and “Long Distance Mover” and click search to see how competitive a term really is. You can also see how much money you can expect to pay for every click to your website. There are terms such as “nyc long distance moving companies” that are seeing $24.71 for every click! While that isn’t the most competitive out there is blows away many industries for advertising costs. Of course it wouldn’t be done if advertising didn’t work. Transportation can be a lucrative business and a long-distance move can mean thousands of dollars.

Search Competition

So Why Organic SEO For Movers?

Because you can’t buy everyone

Organic results are real results, not paid for results. This can mean a lot to a customer for a number of reasons. First of all the website result demand trust. We expect the best search results from search engines. Internet users today are particularly savvy when it comes to recognizing when they’re being advertised to. The results in pink are clearly marketing ploys and while many people choose these results, a large percentage look mostly at the top natural search results. These are the sites that users will trust immediately. What’s more.. these results are long-lasting and cost only a fraction of what you would spend for a PPC campaign. If you can return first page results for moving related terms you are sure to get clicks.

Should I try using PPC for my moving company?

Don’t discount the power of advertising

It’s clear that search optimization for movers can be a long-distance strategy worth investing in. Google, Bing and Yahoo have also built an unstoppable marketing and advertising force with their search engine models. A paid advertising campaign can work for customers in some markets. However, managing a campaign in the moving industry is no simple task. It involves some background in marketing in addition to the complexities of a typical AdWords campaign and ad groups. Finding a company capable of managing your PPC campaign can be key to success.

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Case Study: UMEX Moving & Storage, Inc

This New Jersey Moving Company contacted us after seeing our results on Google for “New Jersey SEO” and other terms. We created a long-term campaign for New Jersey terms and a shorter-term campaign for long-tail terms like “New Jersey Local Movers” where we knew we could deliver great results without a extended time-frame. They also cater to the Japanese community and wanted search terms including that term.

It’s still early in the campaign but we’re already returning search results for our targets.

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