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Julia Murtha Photography is Morris County Photographer. Julia performs a range of photography services including family, newborn, maternity, portraits but not weddings. She had an existing website with some domain authority but no optimization or Internet presence and was not searching well for much that helped her get found online. She decided to go with our monthly services to help generate leads.

Our Photographer SEO strategy was to keep the existing domain and it’s site age and see how well we could optimize on the Smugmug platform. We also decided to build a secondary site, in the event we couldn’t optimize the Smugmug site sufficiently. Turns out that it does a great job and with some additional work on the site, via quality content in addition to other traffic generating services, we got things right where she wanted them.

After a few months our NJ SEO strategies and her business was on top of the local searches for a range of different keywords that continues to help her get found online. We’re active in keeping her position and expanding her range of operations to capture even more traffic for local Photographer SEO.

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Position
Morristown Photographer Google 1 1
Morristown Photography Google 1 3
Morristown Photographer Bing 1 1
Best Morristown Photographer Google 1 1,2
Best Morristown Photography Google 1 2

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