Get SEO Search Results For Your Law Firm

91% of all people choose results on the 1st page Castronovo & McKinney, LLC opened a NYC law office and needed quality SEO services for the new office and new website. They are NYC Employment Lawyers that specialize in discrimination and harassment lawsuits. They also handle the negotiation of severance agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements [...]

Google Street View in California’s National Parks

Google does a road-trip through some iconic parks I'm not even sure my neighborhood is mapped using Street View but I'm sure this is a better use of the technology. You're now able to follow Google Maps through five of Californa's historic national parks in a 360 degree panaorramic view. They've also updated their Street [...]

How to Choose a Domain Name

Brand Name vs. Search-Term Domain One of the major decisions when initially creating a website is the domain name. The two general approaches are either a search-matched domain name or a brand-centric name. Search-matched domains have search related keywords in the name itself while brand-centric approaches typically use the company name as the domain [...]

Protect Your Marketing Budget

A Successful Marketing Campaign consists of more than just a single-minded approach The search engine optimization industry has become commoditized. The market is flooded with “SEO professionals” that offer the same set of services such as Keyword Research, Link Building, Article Writing, and not much else. There is a systemic inefficiency occurring in the [...]

H1 Tags: An SEO Guide

What do Headers do? Headers are intended to provide structure on a webpage.  Typically, the most important items on a webpage are the largest and most obvious. H1 tags, or Header1 tags, are an HTML term used to indicate the most prominent text or image on a page.  These are followed by other H [...]