Does SEO Work For Moving Companies?

Is Moving a Competitive Term?

Actually, “movers” is one of the more competitive terms around!

SEO for Moving Companies
If you do some searching on the Google Keyword Tool you can find what the average Cost Per Click (CPC) is for any term or phrase. In fact, you can choose a phrase or word – in this case “Mover” and “Long Distance Mover” and click search to see how competitive a term really is. You can also see how much money you can expect to pay for every click to your website. There are terms such as “nyc long distance moving companies” that are seeing $24.71 for every click! While that isn’t the most competitive out there is blows away many industries for advertising costs. Of course it wouldn’t be done if advertising didn’t work. Transportation can be a lucrative business and a long-distance move can mean thousands of dollars.

Search Competition

So Why Organic SEO For Movers?

Because you can’t buy everyone

Organic results are real results, not paid for results. This can mean a lot to a customer for a number of reasons. First of all the website result demand trust. We expect the best search results from search engines. Internet users today are particularly savvy when it comes to recognizing when they’re being advertised to. The results in pink are clearly marketing ploys and while many people choose these results, a large percentage look mostly at the top natural search results. These are the sites that users will trust immediately. What’s more.. these results are long-lasting and cost only a fraction of what you would spend for a PPC campaign. If you can return first page results for moving related terms you are sure to get clicks.

Should I try using PPC for my moving company?

Don’t discount the power of advertising

It’s clear that search optimization for movers can be a long-distance strategy worth investing in. Google, Bing and Yahoo have also built an unstoppable marketing and advertising force with their search engine models. A paid advertising campaign can work for customers in some markets. However, managing a campaign in the moving industry is no simple task. It involves some background in marketing in addition to the complexities of a typical AdWords campaign and ad groups. Finding a company capable of managing your PPC campaign can be key to success.

UMEX logo

Case Study: UMEX Moving & Storage, Inc

This New Jersey Moving Company contacted us after seeing our results on Google for “New Jersey SEO” and other terms. We created a long-term campaign for New Jersey terms and a shorter-term campaign for long-tail terms like “New Jersey Local Movers” where we knew we could deliver great results without a extended time-frame. They also cater to the Japanese community and wanted search terms including that term.

It’s still early in the campaign but we’re already returning search results for our targets.

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Get SEO Search Results For Your Law Firm

Need Great Search Results for your Law Firm?

91% of all people choose results on the 1st page

Attorney SEO ServicesCastronovo & McKinney, LLC opened a NYC law office and needed quality SEO services for the new office and new website. They are NYC Employment Lawyers that specialize in discrimination and harassment lawsuits. They also handle the negotiation of severance agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements and all other contracts. We’re working on several fronts to create a powerful SEO Campaign. Check out their website here. There are several components we want to cover including:

Local Listing Optimization. As more and more people type simple phrases like “harassment lawyer” without a geographic location like “nyc harassment lawyer” local listings are going to become more and more meaningful.

Social Signals. Including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ we’re creating a web presence that not only captures attention but lends credibility to the site and it’s authors.

Content. We’ve started updating and creating content both on-site and off-site. The site’s blog has begun with some posts that will gain natural attention and links by means of good unique content. In addition we are looking at high quality article links for authority sites.

Video. We’re in the design process of creating video for various places on the site including the home page, blog posts and, eventually, video testimonials.

Stay tuned for updates from our Attorney SEO company.

Martial Arts SEO : New Jersey SEO Firm

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91% of all search traffic goes to the results on the first page.

NJ Martial Arts

American Martial Arts is a NJ Martial Arts Gym specializing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing and more. We’re excited to work with them. We have begun our campaign to make them #1 on Google for a range of terms but also help them convert those web visits into subscription and, ultimately, regular customers. It’s actually pretty easy since their facility is pretty incredible. It’s amazing the amount of talent at your disposal from a learning perspective.

Our Martial Arts SEO strategy is to keep their existing domain and improve on their existing site for them to showcase their expertise.

Here are some of our growing success rankings:

Martial Arts SEO

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Position
NJ Martial Arts Google 1 3
Whippany Martial Arts Google 1 1,4
Parsippany MMA Google 1 1,4

We’re also on the 1st page for many towns such as Morristown Martial Arts, Morris County MMA and Martial Arts.. and we’ll continue to grow as our campaign continues. We’re already seeing an increase in web traffic as a result.

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Catering SEO : New Jersey SEO Firm

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Catering Search Engine Optimization

Drive Leads and Sales

How can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help a catering business?
Being on the first page for popular searches is hugely important for driving leads. Organic results means quality leads. Quality leads means great conversion! Properly marketing a business Online is no simple task. With two search engines that are constantly evolving, it’s more difficult than ever to properly promote your catering business with SEO. Add in social media, video, blogs, press-releases and more customer soon realize finding a great SEO company that knows small business like catering is well worth the investment.

Case Study:
Simply Delicious

With a already great business, Simply Delicious Catering in Secaucus, NJ reached out to us to discuss marketing. They work predominately with corporate customers for all types of meals as a Jersey City Catering company. They needed a website developed on a modern CMS framework and a general update on their existing layout and design so when customers visited the site they would like what they saw. They had some preexisting problems due to Google’s Penguin update that had completely removed them from the Online catering search results.

We decided to take on the challenge with their existing domain and attempt to reconcile the problem with Google. We were successful in getting the site re-listed with the Google search engine. We had to reach out to multiple webmasters to remove or edit links. Google also added the ability to disavow links which assisted greatly in our efforts.

Once rectified we launched a new site complete with video, gallery photos, full catering menus, promotions, a blog and more. We started building a campaign centered around their location to get attention from people searching for geography related terms like Newark catering, Meadowlands catering, etc…

A few months later and things are progressing well. We’re looking at New Jersey terms now and are watching great content creation get rewarded by the search engines. Here are some of our results:

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Position
North Jersey Catering Bing 1 1
New Jersey Corporate Catering Bing 1 1
Hackensack Catering Google 1 1
Secaucus Catering Google 1 1
Clifton Catering Google 1 1
Newark Catering Google 1 4
Hoboken Catering Google 1 3
Meadowlands Catering Google 1 1
Jersey City Caterers Bing 1 2

The key to great SEO for catering is a constant process of monitoring the results of efforts and changing based on the reaction of your search placement. Of course you can’t get any ranks without great content. Content is fundamental to any SEO project and we know and do it well.

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Landscaper SEO :: LandWorks is #1 on Google!

91% of all search traffic goes to the results on the first page!

Want to get YOUR business found on Google

Landscaper SEO
LandWorks Landscape Design, LLC has been serving Morris County since 1994. Up to now they’ve not had a website to call home operating purely on word of mouth and references. That speaks volumes about the quality services they provide if they’ve not had to advertise up to now. They came to us interested in putting their images online for customers to see and to use as a reference. They’ve gotten WAY more than just pictures. We’re turning their business into a Google machine! With some already amazing results we expect that this Morris County Landscape Design company is going to dominate their local online competition.

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Position
Morris County Landscaping Google 1 1
Morris County Landscapers Google 1 2
Morris County Patios Google 1 1
Morris County Landscape Design Google 1 4
Morristown Patios Google 1 1
Chatham Patio Builder Google 1 1
Morristown Patios Google 1 1
Parsippany Landscaping Google 1 3
NJ Patios Google 1 4

We continue to grow the number of keywords we search for month by month as we create new content. Our goal is to rank for them all! Contact us today to learn more about how we can drive YOU to the top of local search results.

Contractor SEO :: Elite Custom Decks on Google 1st Page!

Need To Promote Your Online Business?

91% of all search traffic goes to the results on the first page!

Elite Custom Decks is located in Morris Plains, NJ. They perform virtually any outdoor construction need but specialize in Decks, Fences and Pergolas. They had no existing Contractor SEO web presence and were relying on referrals alone. It wasn’t working to the extent they had hoped and they came to us for help. We crafted a small business package that suited their needs which consisted of:

-Web Design and Creation.
-Google friendly content creation including a YouTube video showcasing their work.
-Start a news blog with relevant content that promotes the site.
-Social Media Marketing including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and more.
-Advanced Local Listings.

We started by looking for an appropriate domain name. Since Morristown is the largest town in the area and the domain was available we decided on This would ensure we could get a leg-up on the Contractor SEO competition by virtue of the domain name. Working with the owner we came up with a design they liked that had a strong SEO architecture. Since its inception we’ve created a pretty comprehensive site that is still growing. Once we dominated the Morristown and surrounding towns we moved on to “Morris County Decks” and now “NJ Decks” and continue to dominate the competition!

Our local SEO is so powerful that “Morristown Decks” is returning a “Morris Plains” local result.

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Position
NJ Decks Google 1 4
Morris County Deck Builder Google 1 1
Morristown Decks Google 1 1,2,3,4
Morristown Deck Builder Google 1 1,2,3
Mendham Deck Builder Google 1 1
Chatham Deck Builder Google 1 1
Parsippany Deck Builder Google 1 1
Florham Park Deck Builder Google 1 1
Morris Plains Deck Builder Google 1 1
Chester Deck Builder Google 1 2
Denville Deck Builder Google 1 2
Rockaway Deck Builder Google 1 1
Randolph Deck Builder Google 1 1

We continue to grow the number of local towns we search for month by month as we create new content. Our goal is to rank for them all! Contact us today to learn more about how we can drive YOU to the top of local search results.

Photographer SEO :: Julia’s Business is #1 on Google.

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91% of all search traffic goes to the results on the first page.

Julia Murtha Photography is Morris County Photographer. Julia performs a range of photography services including family, newborn, maternity, portraits but not weddings. She had an existing website with some domain authority but no optimization or Internet presence and was not searching well for much that helped her get found online. She decided to go with our monthly services to help generate leads.

Our Photographer SEO strategy was to keep the existing domain and it’s site age and see how well we could optimize on the Smugmug platform. We also decided to build a secondary site, in the event we couldn’t optimize the Smugmug site sufficiently. Turns out that it does a great job and with some additional work on the site, via quality content in addition to other traffic generating services, we got things right where she wanted them.

After a few months our NJ SEO strategies and her business was on top of the local searches for a range of different keywords that continues to help her get found online. We’re active in keeping her position and expanding her range of operations to capture even more traffic for local Photographer SEO.

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Position
Morristown Photographer Google 1 1
Morristown Photography Google 1 3
Morristown Photographer Bing 1 1
Best Morristown Photographer Google 1 1,2
Best Morristown Photography Google 1 2

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